• Karen’s new book, Generations Rock, shines a positive light on all the generations sharing their quirks and attributes. Added bonus: Quizzes, song lyrics, stories, movies, and rock stars!
  • Karen McCullough thought she knew all she needed to know about women and success. Then she started to collaborate with her Gen X daughter, Meredith McCullough, and the real adventure began. The results of this cross-generational endeavor are captured in The Seven Women Project: Your Personal Guides to Success in Work, Life and Dress.
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    Work with Karen to learn how to write an amazing keynote that gets the  audience engaged/excited to hear you. In this full day workshop we will take a deep dive into the creative process that is necessary to write and deliver a Killer Keynote.
    • You will leave with a STRUCTURE that will guide you when writing your keynotes and presentations.
    • You will gain insights into what the audiences in 2018 want and demand.
    • You will gain and understanding of the savvy buyer, and how to market your keynote.
    Learn how to make the material you already have created even better by keeping your PROMISE and discover what works by improving your delivery, humor, and timing.
  • Any graduate from Karen’s Killer Keynote Workshops is eligible for her one on one keynote and professional speaking coaching sessions. In these sessions, speakers fine tune their presentations and marketing. This coaching package includes:
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    This coaching session is formatted to facilitate a 4 person group for one full day workshop. Participants perform their keynote presentations for Karen McCullough in order for her to coach, guide, and provide constructive feedback in order to make your keynote the best it can be. If you are interested in this coaching workshop, join the waiting list and Karen will contact you when groups become available. This package includes both onsite coaching the day of the workshop, as well a video coaching session utilizing Sibme, the #1 platform for video coaching and collaboration.