Career Development

Millennials are impatient when it comes to career development, advancement, and promotions. They are interested in moving their career upward as quickly as possible. When a manager talks about career development they are speaking the love language of the new workforce.

So what do they want? First and foremost, they want to know how their performance will be measured, before the end of the year review. So, managers and leaders, it’s best to tell your employees where you see them in your organization. They want a clear picture of the criteria and expectations of their position. And they want to know how to move-up faster.

Millennial Career Development Strategy

Learn and Grow

Millennials crave mentors. They want a learning work environment and leadership opportunities.


Millennials want to know how their performance will be measured. They like structures and systems and they want to understand by what metrics they will be judged.


They want open, constant communication from their boss (and their boss’s boss, and so on…)

Career Development

Tell them where you see them in the organization. They want to see a career path.