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Keynote Speaker Karen McCullough’s Perspective

Keynote Speaker, Karen McCullough believes employee engagement and transformational change are today’s top business issues. Attracting and keeping talented employees requires more than a title and a paycheck. Consequently, when people work in a culture of engagement they feel connected, protected, and respected. 

Watch to learn more about Karen McCullough’s perspective on employee engagement and workplace culture.

I call this CPR Engagement

Karen McCullough

Keynote Speaker

Success is always a moving target. Anyone who thinks that they have arrived is kidding themselves. In order to stand out today you have to understand innovation, inclusion, technology, the new customer, and be open to CHANGE. When you accept that change is necessary for growth you can’t be stopped.

Karen’s Bio

Karen started her internship younger than most! Her mom was the credit manager for an upscale department store in Cleveland, Ohio. She came to work with her as often as possible. It was there that she learned first hand (from her mom) the art of growing collaborative and connected teams; Diverse teams where leaders protect and respect their people and their customers.

Today, Karen delivers highly interactive keynotes across the country. She opens many conventions, meetings and events. In the programs:

  • Karen helps teams and leaders cut through generational stereotypes by leveraging team strengths.
  • Additionally, she inspires trust and collaboration among multi-generational teams.
  • Finally, she motivates change that drives better results.

Karen’s programs include case studies, current research, stories in addition to a killer game!

Before becoming a keynote speaker she owned retail stores in Houston. She hired young employees with no workplace experience but, she saw potential. Retail and team management were the foundation of her understanding the generations in addition to developing emerging leaders.

Karen Clients are Open to Change and Innovation

She speak for associations, corporations, small businesses as well as many departments in state and national government. In addition to being a keynote speaker, she delivers 1 to 3 hour programs around the topics of:

  • Managing and Leading a Multi-generational Teams
  • Selling to the Generations
  • Employee Branding

Some of Karen McCullough’s recent clients include: Lockheed Martin, DOT Iowa, McDonalds, Procter & Gamble, Exxon, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Symantec,  Northrop Grumman, The Ohio State University, National Homebuilders, Women in Agriculture, Department of Transportation,TVA, and maybe YOU!

Why Book Karen McCullough?

“From the start, Karen was phenomenal… easy to work with, friendly, open-minded as well as professional. Booking her as our keynote speaker was ‘low-maintenance’, as I was dealing with 30 other outside speakers. She delivered! She opened and WOWED our audience. Furthermore, she provided a buzz that carried on throughout our 3-day event. A VP in our organization, with 25 years of experience, labeled her ‘easily one of the top 3 keynote speakers we have ever have.’ I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

Craig Tew NAA Conference – Dallas 2017

Karen’s full client list

Karen’s Story

Karen began her career as the youngest employee at an upscale department store in Cleveland, Ohio, where her mother worked as the first female credit manager. She worked her way up in a number of roles for the company. Over time she became a sales associate in women’s fashion, and later in menswear. In the early days, Karen worked for two of the world’s most powerful fashion brands: Ralph Lauren and The Limited. This is when she first started analyzing the internal culture of large organizations — both for what fuels them and for what holds them back. She applied what she learned and then launched her own retail business.

Karen was the owner and CEO for 17 years, therefore it is easy to see why “Working with the Generations” is her area of expertise. She is an expert hiring, working with and selling to younger generations! In 1997, after selling the business, Karen became a retail marketing and branding consultant. For the next three years, she energized business owners and executives to approach their work and their life with a fresh, new attitude. Karen developed key strategies for growth, positioning her clients for future success.

Keynote Speaker | Millennial Evangelist | Karen McCullough

Awards and Organizations


In 2006 keynote speaker, Karen McCullough received the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation, which is bestowed upon fewer than 7% of the 5,000 speakers who belong to the International Federation of Professional Speakers. She has been honored with multiple awards, including the Toastmasters International Communications and Leadership Award and the John Wolf Award for speaking excellence. Karen is an active member of the National Speakers Association and served as president of the Houston chapter in 2006. She is active in Dress for Success and The Woman’s Home. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio State University where she also performed graduate work in education.

What People Are Saying

/ Procter & Gamble

Karen was phenomenal when she spoke to Corporate Engineering Business Support at Procter & Gamble. Her programs are engaging and thought provoking. The group was so impressed with her research and delivery on the area on the generations in the workplace that they have asked her to come back and speak at the P&G Engineering Summit later this year.

Director of eLearning Consultants / McGraw-Hill

Karen, you truly exceeded our expectations and you delivered on exactly what our group needed (branding/persuasive presentation skills). I feel after our day together, the eLearning Consultants are in a much better position to win because of your efforts. Thanks again for such a productive day. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Director / Sun Microsystems

It’s amazing how the success of Karen’s branding workshop spread to so many different parts of Sun Microsystems — all word of mouth. It is rated as one of the most impactful learning modules by the participants at our GSS Leadership Institute. The handpicked participants are high potential directors who are being groomed for VP positions.

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