Gaining The Generational Advantage

If you are looking for an upbeat presentation on the Generations look no further.  Karen McCullough’s Generational Advantage keynote takes a positive approach to Generations in the workplace and in your organization. Karen McCullough knows that the workplace days of “one size fits all” and “treat everyone the same” are gone. In today’s world we are learning to accept the needs and desires of the individual. In this program, participants will acquire tools to help them create an environment where people feel connected, protected, and respected. Karen will show you how to tap into the knowledge and strengths of your multigenerational team to give you The Generational Advantage!

In all of her “generations in the workplace” programs, Karen innovates through her keen perception. She draws on her knowledge of human behaviors, trends, stories and of course a little rock and roll! Music transcends all boundaries and brings people together. If you are ready to ROCK your event or conference this one is for you! 

Book published August 1, 2017 – $16.95 ( Group discounts )

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a better understanding of what each of the four generations value and find important.
  • Learn the top ten ‘wants’ of what younger generations are looking for in associations and business related groups.
  • Become “the association” that ‘attracts’ great members and creates a culture where people want to contribute, lead, and grow.
  • Develop an enthusiastic attitude in regards to what younger members add to their association. Remember, change is good and at times necessary!
  • Find out the three things that ALL of the generations want from their association.
  • How to “Sell” your association to Millennials.

Liji Thomas

Senior Manager Diversity & Inclusion / Southwest Airlines

Everybody at Southwest is still talking about YOU! Thank you again for the marvelous job you did. You created such impact here. The Generations program helped reinforce the power of inclusion, and furthermore mirrored our strong culture that has People at its core. Thanks again for a job well done, Karen!


Other Programs around The Generations

Attracting and Engaging Millennials to your Association / Workplace: Looking to the Future

Members of the Millennial Generation have an incredible amount of talent. Furthermore, they have incredibly high expectations about their personal time, career advancement, growth opportunities, environment, and relationship building. In this keynote, Karen McCullough provides a step-by-step action plan you can use to attract and engage younger generations to your association. Whatever you decide to do, it is important to start now. Millennials are the future, and making it without them is not an option.