Karen’s New Book: Generations Rock- Gaining the Generational Advantage

Generations Rock shines a positive light on all the generations sharing their quirks and attributes. Added bonus: Quizzes, song lyrics, stories, movies, and rock stars!

Karen McCullough has been studying, speaking, and writing on the generations for over a decade. In Generations Rock, Karen urges you to STOP and Acknowledge, Accept, and Appreciate all the generations. She has uniquely captured the importance of being open to new ideas while incorporating some of the tried and true into your work and life.The book gives the reader the tools necessary to create an environment of multi-generational trust, collaboration, productivity, and innovation. Tapping into the knowledge and strengths of your multigenerational team will definitely give you The Generational Advantage!

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The Seven Women Project – Your Personal Guides to Success in work, Play, and Dress

Karen McCullough thought she knew all she needed to know about women and success. Then she started to collaborate with her Gen X daughter, Meredith McCullough, and the real adventure began. The results of this cross-generational endeavor are captured in The Seven Women Project: Your Personal Guides to Success in Work, Life and Dress. With a creative twist on finding and celebrating your authentic self, The Seven Women Project, is destined to reshape how we calculate success, think about happiness, and define what it means to be a woman today. This mother-daughter writing team boldly asserts that inside every woman there are seven women, each with an abundant reserve of strength, talent, passion, knowledge, female ingenuity and fashion sense. Whether these women are seen as fashion personalities, female archetypes, or personal avatars, they are part of each of us, and they are ready to help women recognize and reinvent themselves through all stages of life. The Seven Women Project offers up an entire team of vibrant women, each ready to help navigate, coach success and boost the happiness quotient in each of us.

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How to Write and Deliver a Killer Keynote Live Workshop

Friday November 17th 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM The Council 303 Jackson Hill St, Houston, TX 77007 $98.00 (includes supplies)

You Will Learn
  • How to write the  intro that gets the  audience engaged/excited to hear you.
  • Deeper understanding parts of a keynote- Opener, Promise, Content, Taking Action, Closing
  • How to make the material you already have created even better by keeping your PROMISE
  • Discovering what works –  Working on delivery, humor, and timing.