• "Karen hit a home run!"

    New Jersey Credit Union

  • "Karen related to every person in the audience…younger-older, female-male. She’s funny, informative, knowledgeable, and inspiring!”


  • “Karen’s enthusiasm and energy had the whole room locked. She was the highlight of the conference.”

    The UPSTART Spring Summit

Generations Speaker Karen McCullough

Opens Conferences Meetings and Minds

Generations Speaker Karen McCullough helps organizations and leaders cut through stereotypes by leveraging their team’s strengths. Karen inspires trust, encourages collaboration, and initiates changes that drives better results. And… you’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

All of Karen’s programs include case studies, current research, stories and a “killer” game.


Generations Rock

Gaining the Generational Advantage

Generations Speaker, Karen McCullough captures the importance of being open to new ideas while incorporating some “tried and true” into your work and life. She masterfully blends research and content with humor and pop culture, while inspiring readers to look for the common threads that connect us all to a greater purpose.


Julianne Talley

Director of Events; Education / League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates

What a joy it was to have Karen McCullough speak at our Southeast Credit Union Conference & Exposition in Orlando! Not only is she a bundle of energy, she is a fiery Millennial Evangelist who truly inspires, challenges and provokes (in a good way!) change and collaboration! Working with Karen was easy…she listened to my requests, vision and desires for our program and she totally delivered through 3 days….3 sessions! Attendees poured out of her sessions energized, with concrete take-a-ways. Not only does Karen bring branding, social media and futuristic ideas to each session….she lives it and it is evident the moment she steps foot onto the property! 6/15/17

Karen’s Keynote Presentations


One of the biggest challenges facing everyone in the workplace today is dealing with fast-paced ongoing change. In her program Change is Good, Karen McCullough empowers you with three critical steps that will help you lead and inspire change.


Each generation brings a unique perspective to the workplace. All of Karen McCullough's Generation programs highlight the positive contributions, motivators, and style in working with, selling to, managing, or leading all generations.

Beyond the Brand

Research stats that 90% of American consumers form their perception of companies based primarily on the service experience. Discover a new way of thinking about the customer experience through your team and employees living the brand.

Shot of Energy - Being the Best You Can Be!

Would you like to know the secrets of staying energized and increase your happiness? If so, this program is for YOU! Karen shares her personal energy rituals and top ways to increase productivity to be the best you can be. Learn how to re-charge your battery and energize yourself and others.

View All of Karen’s Presentations

Craig Tew

Event and Content Manager / American Notary Association

From the start, our initial call six months prior to our event, Karen was phenomenal…easy to work with, friendly, open-minded and professional. Booking her and setting up the program as our keynote speaker was ‘low-maintenance’; which I truly appreciated since I was dealing with 30 other outside speakers. And she delivered…she opened it and WOWED our audience and provided a buzz that carried on throughout our 3-day event. A VP in our organization, with 25 years of experience here, labeled her ‘easily one of the top 3 keynote speakers we have ever have.’ Well done, Karen! I would hire her again in a heartbeat. 5/4/17


Women Energy Network

Exxon Mobil


MD Anderson

JP Morgan Chase



State Farm

Hewlett Packard



Southwest Airlines

Chevron Phillips


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