What Not to Say this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that special time of year when families are suppose to gather and give thanks for their blessing. And, while we love the idea of being with our relatives and in-laws, being around family members for any length of time can create tension.  Then, when you add to the mix travel, weather, the actual cooking the meal, figuring out who can eat what, who sits where…stress mounts and sometimes our words can add tension.

When we are with family, buttons get pushed; our filters come down and we revert to old patterns and we say things that we wouldn’t ordinary say…

Don’t be that guy, gal or mother-in-law  who makes things AWKWARD this Thanksgiving!

Here are a few suggestions of  “What not-to-say “this  Thanksgiving…and be sure and add some that come to mind

1.    When are you moving out?

2.   Who’s the father?

3.   What’s different about you?

4.    When are you going to make me a grandma?

5.   When are you going to get a real job?

6.    You’re wearing that!

7.    Honey, What’s in this stuffing? It’s not like my mothers.

8.    Glenn Beck said…

9.     While watching football do NOT mention Penn State.

10.   You didn’t thaw the turkey!

11.   Where’s the Cool Whip?

12.    I’m allergic to cats.

13.  You’re having seconds?

12.  How many calories are in this?

13.  Can I unbutton my pants?

14. We ran out of coffee

14. Forget that poison hype – birds were meant to be stuffed!

15.  Are you dating anyone yet?

16.  When’s the baby due?

17.  Have you been sick?

18. Hey how ‘bout that “Super Committee”

19.  I’m a Vegan

20.  You deep fried what?