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She has become the standard in which we will compare all other speakers. Karen definitely ROCKS!!

Selling to the Generations – The Future Is Now!

No doubt about it…Millennials (78 million) are shaking things up! Along with technology skills and a collaborative spirit, they bring a unique perspective to marketing, sales, and a new  mindset that can challenge  the most experienced sales team.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to selling to all 4 and soon to be the 5 generations in the marketplace. It’s very interesting to see that what one generations values in the sales process is a total deal breaker to the  others. Knowing how to sell (and market) to each generation can mean  the difference between profit and loss.  The key to successfully  connecting to  each of the unique generation begins with knowing what they each  value.  Millennials have the ability to transform the marketplace  into profits for you and your organization.

Are you up for the challenge?

In this program Karen shares current research and provides specific strategies that can dramatically improve your approach to selling to different generations. Understanding Millennials is critical and it’s just the beginning because  the next generation is now spending $$$ with technology skills we’ve never dreamed of, and the evolutionary cycle will carry on.