Generations Rock shines a positive light on all the generations, sharing their quirks and attributes. Added bonus: Quizzes, song lyrics, stories, movies, and rock stars!

Karen McCullough has been studying, speaking, and writing on the generations for over a decade. In Generations Rock, Karen urges you to STOP and Acknowledge, Accept, and Appreciate all the generations. She has uniquely captured the importance of being open to new ideas while incorporating some of the tried and true into your work and life.

In Generations Rock, Karen innovates through her keen perception and knowledge of human behaviors, trends, stories, and a little pop culture—adding music lyrics throughout the decades. Music transcends all boundaries and brings people together.

Before we judge, we must look for the common threads that connect us all to a greater purpose.

Generations Rock gives the reader the tools necessary to create an environment of multi-generational trust, collaboration, productivity, and innovation. Tapping into the knowledge and strengths of your multigenerational team will definitely give you The Generational Advantage!

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