• "Karen related to every person in the audience…younger-older, female-male. She’s funny, informative, knowledgeable, and inspiring!”


  • "Karen hit a home run!"

    New Jersey Credit Union

  • “Karen’s enthusiasm and energy had the whole room locked. She was the highlight of the conference.”

    The UPSTART Spring Summit

Karen McCullough Opens Conferences, Meetings, and Minds

Karen McCullough is called a Millennial Evangelist who inspires change. She’s a nationally known generation’s speaker delivering High Content, High Energy, High Humor!

Sample Karen McCullough’s most requested programs – “Change is Good”, “Beyond the Brand-Employee Branding Grows Engagement”, and “Generations in the Workplace”

Sam Bhandarkar

CMP, CASE Director of Events / American Culinary Federation

It was truly a pleasure to work with Karen McCullough as the general session keynote speaker for our conference. The time that she took getting to know our organization in advance and customizing her presentation was evidenced by the tremendous engagement in the room with our attendees. The audience response was immediate. Even our most hesitant stakeholders made a point of sharing their elation with me after the session. Most importantly, everyone in the session left the room with tangible takeaways. Thank you, Karen, for helping us to take our general session from credible, to INCREDIBLE!

Karen McCullough’s Most Popular Presentations


One of the biggest challenges facing everyone in the workplace today is dealing with fast-paced ongoing change. In her program Change is Good, Karen McCullough empowers you with three critical steps that will help you lead and inspire change.


Each generation brings a unique perspective to the workplace. All of Karen McCullough's Generation programs highlight the positive contributions, motivators, and style in working with, selling to, managing, or leading all generations.

Beyond the Brand

Research stats that 90% of American consumers form their perception of companies based primarily on the service experience. Discover a new way of thinking about the customer experience through your team and employees living the brand.

Shot of Energy - Being the Best You Can Be!

Would you like to know the secrets of staying energized and increase your happiness? If so, this program is for YOU! Karen shares her personal energy rituals and top ways to increase productivity to be the best you can be. Learn how to re-charge your battery and energize yourself and others.

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Shelly J. Olesen

VP Sales and Marketing / C. Cretors and Company

The customer comments have been pouring in. We held our bi-annual distributor’s meeting with customers representing more than 30 countries in attendance. Karen’s presentation on working in and selling to a multi-generational society was outstanding. Karen really took the time to do her homeworkand understand our 130 year old industry. She kept the energy level high and interactive. Within days after the event I had co-workers and customers tell me that they had already applied the information they took away from Karen’s presentation. They were able to relate generational differences to both their work and personal lives. Karen was gracious enough to share her PowerPoint presentation so that I could send it out to the many that requested a copy. Good communication is the key to success and Karen helped us understand how to best give and receive communication!

Companies Who Have Hired Karen


Women Energy Network

Exxon Mobil


MD Anderson

JP Morgan Chase



State Farm

Hewlett Packard



Southwest Airlines

Chevron Phillips


About Karen

Karen McCullough is called a Branding Expert (she worked with Ralph Lauren), a Social Media Enthusiast (she tweets), and a Millennial Evangelist (she sees the future). She’s an award-winning speaker who inspires and empowers organizations and individuals to evolve, grow, and realize their true potential for excellence.

Karen has a 20 year business background as a retail CEO- she knows first hand, sales, marketing, branding, employee retention, and the “art of managing and promoting young employees”. 

 Some of her clients include McDonalds, Marriott Hotels, Procter & Gamble, Exxon, Symantec, HP Enterprise, Humana, and McGraw-Hill.

Karen believes that enduring success is the combination of talent, attitude, relationship building, and the ability to adapt and change. Achieving your goals requires honesty to identify what it is that is getting in your way and the courage to change.

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Speaker Karen McCullough

Karen’s Lessons from the Road

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