• “Motivational speaker, Karen McCullough is the perfect mix of content and comedy!”

    Kansas Family Business Forum

  • “Karen, Your opening session ranked the highest. The energy and message set the tone for the entire conference. Many parts of your presentation were quoted throughout the conference. If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “You rock!” – Both you and I could retire.”

    Scott Joslove, President and CEO Texas Hotel & Lodging Association

  • “Karen’s enthusiasm and energy had the whole room locked. She was the highlight of the conference.”

    The UPSTART Spring Summit

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“Change is Good”, “Stand by Your Brand”, and “Generations in the Workplace”

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Sam Bhandarkar

CMP, CASE Director of Events / American Culinary Federation

It was truly a pleasure to work with Karen McCullough as the general session keynote speaker for our conference. The time that she took getting to know our organization in advance and customizing her presentation was evidenced by the tremendous engagement in the room with our attendees. The audience response was immediate. Even our most hesitant stakeholders made a point of sharing their elation with me after the session. Most importantly, everyone in the session left the room with tangible takeaways. Thank you, Karen, for helping us to take our general session from credible, to INCREDIBLE!

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In her program “Change is Good,” Karen McCullough empowers you with a mindset to change, which will help you make positive transformations in your business and your life.


In this innovative, entertaining, and interactive session, you will gain insight and knowledge on how to succeed as you build effective, harmonious, and productive multi-generational teams.

Stand by Your Brand

When YOU and your team know how to live your brand … the results are that you get WOW customer service. Your brand is the core of your company, the heart of your business, the soul of your culture, and the foundation for WOW customer service.

Shot of Energy

Karen is on a mission to re-energize the workforce! Do you ever feel there are just not enough hours in the day? No matter how hard you work, you never seem to get it all done? If so, you are not alone.

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Yvette Segarra

Manager of Special Events / New Jersey Credit Union League

It is my pleasure to recommend Karen McCullough – she did an outstanding job at our convention. Attendees ranged in age from 18 to 85, and they all took something away. Change is Good – You Go First! People took selfies, interacted with each other, which is not the norm for our people. Not a negative word about Karen’s keynote – I sent her name across the country to all of my counterparts in the credit union industry – Karen is a Home Run!

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About Karen

Motivational business speaker, Karen McCullough has been called a change agent,a social media enthusiast, Millennial evangelist and she is the most fun you will ever have while learning! Karen draws on her varied background as a highly successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and retail CEO to enlighten and entertain audiences from some of the world’s top companies, universities, and organizations. She is known for her knowledge of human behaviors, trends and even a little pop-culture. She funny, direct, and always on the cutting edge of relevant topics resonating with audiences of all ages.

Before becoming a speaker Karen McCullough worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren and The Limited and gained hands-on experience in marketing, brand building, driving sales, leadership development, customer loyalty, and managing a diverse generational team. Some of her clients include HP Enterprise, Hilton Hotels, Procter & Gamble, Symantec, Humana, State Farm, AIG, and National Homebuilders.

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