• “Karen is the perfect mix of content and comedy!”

    Kansas Family Business Forum

  • “Karen, Your opening session ranked the highest. The energy and message set the tone for the entire conference. Many parts of your presentation were quoted throughout the conference. If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “You rock!” – Both you and I could retire.”

    Scott Joslove, President and CEO Texas Hotel & Lodging Association

  • “Karen’s enthusiasm and energy had the whole room locked. She was the highlight of the conference.”

    The UPSTART Spring Summit

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Check out Karen’s style and her energy as you sample three of her most requested programs -
“Change is Good”, “Stand by Your Brand”, and “Generations”.

Dave Daugherty

President / The Daugherty Group

Karen is the most energetic, positive, and inspirational speaker in the business! She has enormous ‘bandwidth’ and diverse audience appeal because she researches her audience then customizes her speeches to address the concerns and characteristics of the group! She delivers a highly-relevant message in such a funny, straightforward, and comfortable manner that people have fun and learn what they need to do to become more effective in their work and personal lives.

Karen’s Most Popular Presentations

Change Is Good...You Go First

In her program Change is Good, Karen McCullough empowers you with a change mindset that will help you make positive changes in your business and your life.

Generations Today: New Rules New Tools

In this innovative, entertaining, and interactive session you will gain insight and knowledge on how to get along as you build effective, harmonious, productive multi-generational teams.

Stand by Your Brand: Putting the Wow in Customer Service

Branding is more than an advertising buzzword-today, your brand it is the core of your company and the heart of your culture. This program shows you how to instill your company’s brand Branding is more than an advertising buzzword-today, your brand it is the core of your company and the heart of your culture. This program shows you how to instill your company’s brand (message and promise) to your employees.

A Shot of Energy: How to Re-energize YOU and The Workplace

Today brands must deliver beyond expectations of great performance. They must go deeper and higher! It’s time to elevate your brand identity, recharge your motivation, tap into your relevance, and pump up your presence!

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About Karen

Karen innovates through her keen perception and knowledge of human behaviors, trends, and even a little pop-culture. With her uncanny sense of picking up behavioral traits that motivate and drive professional success, McCullough has been able to successfully identify the key differences between the generations/genders/cultures and has identified the strengths and prime motivators that drive their success.

Before owning and operating her own retail stores, Karen McCullough spent years working with brands such as Ralph Lauren & The Limited. Later, as a retail CEO, she gained hands on experience in marketing, brand building, driving sales, leadership development, customer loyalty, and managing a diverse generational team.

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